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Trojan Structural Repair Systems

Trojan Treatments Ltd is pleased to announce the company is expanding their professional operations into the structural repair sector. The company has long been successfully installing remedial wall ties, working closely with Thor Helical remedial. We will now be able to offer our clients a full structural repair strategy, from site inspection through to report preparation and installation of structural masonry reinforcement beams, Crack Stitching, installation of Lateral restraints and grout anchors.

Destabilisation of traditionally built property is an ever increasing problem in the UK due to both ageing house stock and climate change, Wall tie failure has for 20 years been identified as a serious problem, other problems associate with tie failure are cracking and bowing of walls, lack of structural lintels etc, these problems can be effectively remediated by professional installation of masonry reinforcement beams, lateral restraint and stitching. More serious problems such as subsidence can be dealt with effectively by installation of Thor Helical piles.

Traditional repair methods and underpinning are extremely expensive and disruptive. Thor Helical Systems provide a quick clean cost effective remedy.

Thor Systems have been tested by the BRE to provide an engineered solution to these difficult problems.

Our fully trained staff are available to provide advice and estimates for a comprehensive repair strategy, a full site inspection is always necessary: on completion we will provide a quotation for work.