Damp Proofing

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Damp Proofing

Rising damp occurs where damp has risen from the ground level and on up into the main fabric of the building.  Damp of this type can rise to the height of 1.5m, and occurs where there was either no original damp course installed or where the original damp course has broken down or been breached. Such a breach takes place where external ground levels have been allowed to rise above the damp proof course level.   Some buildings are constructed with a part of the wall below the external ground level, allowing the earth’s own natural damp to be present against the structure.  Over time this will permeate through to the internal surfaces, causing potential damage to the plaster and to furnishings adjacent to damp walls.   

Where damp is present in the walls of a property it is often visible to the naked eye, it may be manifest as spoilage to the internal plaster, and it will be detectable on a moisture meter.   It is always necessary to ensure that your property is well-maintained.  Where the drain pipes leak, or roof tiles are loose, roof felt or wall renderings have become damaged or dislodged, rain may have an opportunity to enter the building.  This may be apparent as damp patches on the walls, or bubbling of the plaster.  In either case, attention is required as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage to the property.   In the more specialist areas of damp treatment, Trojan is an approved Registered Contractor of John Newton and Company, offering free surveys and estimates on the installation of their Newton 500 and Newlath Air Gap systems. Our technicians have full training and wide experience in the installation of these systems, providing a comprehensive service from inspection to completion. The manufacturer’s warranty covers the product, supported by our own 30-year guarantee.

On request, we undertake a survey and provide a report for any damp and/ or timber problems affecting a property. Our report includes a full written account of the causes and results of building defects and of any remedial works necessary, together with a sketch plan where appropriate, and a detailed estimate of the cost of rectification works. Our estimate remains in force for six months and we are always happy to discuss our findings with customers, arranging site meetings as required.   We offer a long-term company guarantee to cover all damp work, with the option of an insurance-backed bonded guarantee at a small additional premium.

Delta Systems

With the introduction of the latest Standard BS.8102:1990 ‘Protection of structures against water from the ground’, the use of membranes has been generally accepted in the UK. DELTA systems are a complete range of products which are used together to solve many of today’s problems in both new and old construction. DELTA systems can easily deal with aggressive ground water conditions, where basements are liable to flooding, or indeed where simple dampness, contamination or salting problems are prevalent. Other more diverse applications include turf covered roofs, barn conversions, tunnel linings or even as a barrier against radon gas.

The main components of the system are the membranes themselves. These are manufactured from virgin high density polyethylene which is thermally and alkaline stabilised. The stud heights vary from 3mm for DELTA-FM, 8mm for DELTA MS 500 & DELTA PT to 20mm for DELTA MS 20. The cavity created by the membrane contains between 2.1 and 10 litres of space respectively. This is known as either the ‘Air Gap’ or the ‘Drained Cavity’, in wet situations.


DELTA membrane systems come with a thirty year product guarantee. The guarantee covers the membrane and ancillary components. Based on experience, accelerated ageing tests and a quality manufacturing system to ISO 9001, the DELTA range can be guaranteed with confidence.